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As we ride the wave of rapid change, it’s important to ask, if creative arts programmes are future-ready. Educators and training providers are adopting new holistic, value-centred approaches to the needs of creatives. But, are these in line with the needs of our SME’s and industry partners?

Now is the time to ensure creative skills training looks beyond systems and sectors and helps to secure sustainable and liveable futures in the Cultural and Creative Sector Industries (CCSI) and we can only do this together!

Creative Skills Week 2024 gathers third-level educators, university leaders, vocational education and training (VET) providers, industry partners, SME’s and policymakers dedicated to the future of the Cultural and Creative Sector Industries (CCSI).

In its 2nd edition, Creative Skills Week invites you to  participate in a two-day curated programme in Amsterdam (18-19 September). Join us for an exhilarating interactive schedule of events, featuring a host of experimental learning activities, inspiring speakers, micro-credential testing labs, workshops, artistic interventions, networking moments and more. Can’t attend in person in Amsterdam? Join our online Satellite Event programme.

Be part of Creative Skills Week’s common goal to collectively build a robust European Creative Skills Ecosystem. Meet with members of the Creative Pact for Skills, Large-Scale Partnership and the sector’s Blueprint Project, CYANOTYPES who will be gathering in person for the first time in Amsterdam. Develop local and European solutions which address urgent challenges within the CCSI. Join this active community dedicated to creating upskilling opportunities, tackling skills gaps and developing strategic skills for future creatives.

Powered by SACCORD, in association with CYANOTYPES, and hosted by Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Arts.

Host your own event during
Creative Skills Week 2024

What are we looking for?

We are on the hunt for the most cutting-edge initiatives and insights within the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) Ecosystem.

We’re reaching out to the vibrant Amsterdam community to showcase their work to the international ecosystem.

Whether you’re affiliated with a formal organisation, an informal collective, or an individual, we want to hear from you. Your initiatives, ideas, projects, and experiences hold immense value for us, regardless of your role within the industry.

Call for Satellite Events

 *Submission Deadline Extended until 25 May 2024

Host your CSW Satellite event online or in Amsterdam, on 16, 17 and 20 September 2024 and we will promote it to the creative skills community at large as part of CSW2024.

  • Satellite Events in Amsterdam: We invite interested organisations and individuals (including students) to seize the opportunity to host their event and/or skills-related activities as part of the Creative Skills Week 2024 Satellite Programme on 16, 17 and 20 September 2024, and we will promote it to the creative skills community at large as part of CSW2024. 
  • Satellite Activities Online: Do you want to host and promote your event and/or skills-related activities online as part of the Creative Skills Week 2024? Add your event/activity to our online programme of events on 16, 17 and 20 September 2024 and we will promote it to the creative skills community at large as part of CSW2024. 
  • Project presentations: Share your innovative project within the frame of the Creative Skills Week 2024.

Be part of Creative Skills Movement for Change:

  • Raise your organisation’s profile, be part of a wider creative skills community.
  • Showcase your skilling and micro-learning activity, project, workshop and/or research.
  • Promote your event on the CSW2024 website, avail of our CSW2024 Branding Pack.
  • Network with international colleagues in Amsterdam and on the CSW Event App.
  • Get online access to CSW2024 hybrid events.
  • Benefit from the support of the CSW2024 team.


Show your dedication to CCSI skills advancement

Sign the Creative Pact for Skills Manifesto

Envision a more inclusive, sustainable future where creativity flourishes, gender balance is a given, and every individual in the Creative and Cultural Sector Industries (CCSI) ecosystem has the opportunity to thrive.

Endorse the Creative Pact for Skills Manifesto now.

Who can host a CSW Satellite event?

Any actively involved or interested organisation or individual within the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) Ecosystem is eligible to host events. This encompasses European and local networks, cultural organisations, SMEs, start-up and industry leaders, as well as professionals from the arts and cultural sectors, artists, designers, educators, architects, students, leaders and training providers. 

We also extend a warm welcome to social partners, European and local projects, policymakers, and stakeholders engaged or interested in the CCI sector, or in the realms of skills development, lifelong learning and the future of work. 

How to apply?

The required information should be filled in on the submission form. Submit your proposal by clicking the button below.

 *Submission Deadline Extended until 25 May 2024

Selection Criteria:

  • The event or activity should be connected to the CSW2024 main focus (see above).
  • The activity takes place in the week of the Creative Skills Week 2024 on 16, 17 and 20 September in Amsterdam or online.


  • Selected events will be promoted as part of the CSW2024 Satellite Programme. Details of your event should be featured on your (the applicant organisation’s) website. Please note that while the CSW2024 team are committed to offering support, but organisers are solely responsible for the organisation and implementation of the proposed activities and events listed on the CSW2024 website (www.creativeskillsweek.eu). CSW2024 does not provide funding, venues or logistical support

The working language of Creative Skills Week is English

Deadline for CSW2024
Satellite Event submissions: 
25 May 2024 (*extended deadline)

Selection results will be announced after the deadline. The official programme of CSW2024 will be published in the beginning of June.

For further information please email: info@creativeskillsweek.eu

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