Angelika Zelisko

Angelika works at the interface of art and cultural management and serves as the DH of the Department ‘Support Art and Research,’ where her main focus is on enhancing research, entrepreneurship, and knowledge transfer. She has been actively involved in the project Knowledge Transfer Center East (WTZ Ost) since 2014, working at the intersection of art, research, and management. Within this framework, Angelika has co-led two projects: ‘Innovation Matters’ and ‘STEM: Interdisciplinary, Interactive, and Hands-on.’ She also developed a teaching format that emphasizes the prospects of professional practice for art students and alumni

Soenke Zehle

As a media theorist, Soenke writes, teaches and curates on all things linked to collaborative research projects at the interfaces of art, technology and design. Co-founder of xm:lab – Experimental Media Lab at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKS, Academy of Fine Arts Saar), associate researcher at the Ubiqitous Media Technologies Lab (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), co-founder and co-managing director of the research-based transformation organization K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH. Current research interests include anticipation and collective intelligence design.

Soenke is the project lead of HBKS in the CYANOTYPES project.

Isabelle Vérilhac

Isabelle Vérilhac, is the Founder and CEO of Design With Isabelle, a design expert office for transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. Isabelle Vérilhac holds a Post-Diploma in design & research and a Doctorate in material chemical physics.

Isabelle is BEDA Past President (The Bureau of European Design Associations), that boasts over 50 members from more than 28 countries across Europe, including design promotion and innovation centers and design professional associations. She is a coordinator of the Large-Scale Skills Partnership for Cultural and Creative Industries Ecosystem for the European Commission under the Pact for Skills initiative.

Isabelle has been Head of Innovation and International Affairs at the Cité du design – ESADSE (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design) Saint-Etienne, France, for 17 years. She was in charge of the development of territorial and international projects, engaging companies, researchers, designers and public stakeholders. She was the Coordinator of Saint-Etienne UNESCO City of Design from 2019 to 2023. Isabelle is part of the French Design Council.

Isabelle led a medical cluster in Saint-Etienne from 2003 to 2007. She was curator at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne for wellbeing and medical exhibitions.

She is the President of the EUIPO DesignEuropa Awards 2023 and member of the jury 2024.

David Crombie

David has been involved in European research and innovation projects since FP4 with a focus on human-centred strategic design issues and crossover innovation trajectories. Based in HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, he is currently leading the new Cyanotypes project that will try to anticipate the skills needs for the sector and the opportunities for reskilling and upskilling.

Geert Genbrugge

Geert Genbrugge (1965) helps young creative content makers grow and foster their talents, turning skill gaps into training, connecting professionals in the audiovisual sector to become outstanding mediarte. Therefore, he uses his experience as an actor, playwright and coaching teacher.

He is not a tree. “If you don’t like how things are, change it.” Jim Ron. As head of the film department he shuffled the curriculum tree LUCA-campus Narafi. In 2024 Geert crafted a toolkit of competence cards with the help of CYANOTYPES. Cardboard playing cards in a digital world. Time for upskilling, unlearning and relearning. Always looking for the map where the pirates’ treasure is buried.

Charlotte Gimfalk

Charlotte Gimfalk is the Managing Director of the Swedish national skills body for the audiovisual sector; where 12 major stakeholders collaborate to promote vocational training, validation, and micro credential certification aiming to create a more merit-based recruitment in film and tv and among freelancers. As a senior standards advisor, Charlotte collaborates with the industry, to define qualifications and career paths for the many professions that make up a full-scale film crew. In essence;

-Monitoring international occupational standards, creating micro credentials and reporting skills gaps in Swedish film and tv-industry. -Working with educational providers matching learning outcomes to industry qualifications.

In Feb 2024, Charlotte helped to register the first Swedish national industry standard for film & tv-workers within the European Qualification Framework.

Gerin Trautenberger

Gerin Trautenberger BA (hons), MSS, In addition of working in the fields of design management and strategic consulting, Gerin started working with communication and product design in the 1990s. As director for VIENNA OPEN – a festival for open innovations, he investigated the implementation of open design practices and innovation for smart cities. Since 2013 he is president of the Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT). Gerin has also worked as a lecturer in experimental media design at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and lectured at the POP-Akademie in Mannheim while today he is teaching at the WIFI Graz, Design Management. From 2011 until 2013 he was appointed Board Member of the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII) working for DG Industry and Enterprise and today, he is board member of the European Creative Business Network and responsible for Business development and member services.